Education for Sustainable Development

Education for Sustainable Development

Education for Sustainable Development is referred to in many ways, including Sustainable Schools, Eco-Education, Development Education and Global Learning. The most frequently quoted definition of sustainability is from Our Common Future:

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

We aim to work with schools, businesses and organisations to:

Develop and deepen an understanding of the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development;

Embed sustainability into the heart of strategy and policy;

Bring sustainability ‘to life’ through training programmes, resources and projects.

We support educators to work towards the 2030 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, in particular:


Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

It is our belief that all children are entitled to a quality education and we recognise the value of working in partnership to ensure that policy, strategy and practice work towards this aim.

Examples of our work

Advanced Skills Teacher for Sustainability

York City Council

Our lead consultant, Victoria Pendry, acquired Advanced Skills teacher status. Working with partners across North Yorkshire, she ensured that schools had access to quality resources to support them gain Eco School status, as well as other key aspects of related curriculum policy, strategy and practice.

Resource for Schools. Global Learning in Maths


In support of the The Global Learning Programme, we designed a series of maths lessons for upper primary aged pupils and their teachers in order to explore the use of global data as a rich context for teaching and learning in mathematics.

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Schools transition project. From Bean to Bar.


Designed a cross-curricular transition project for years 6 and 7, using chocolate and Fair Trade as the context for learning.

Education for Sustainable Development workshop presentation

TEESNET conference 2017

Delivered a workshop, ‘We’ve go the Whole world in our hands’, to illustrate approaches to ensuring development education lies at the heart of curriculum design.

Conference paper presentation. The Sustainable Development Goals in South Sudan

The Education and Development Forum, UKFEIT

Presented a paper as part of this international conferenceto illustrate the way we have worked with the Curriculum Foundation to embed sustainable development as a cross-cutting issue through the new curriculum for South Sudan.