Painting the World by Numbers

Painting the World by Numbers

Painting the World by NumbersThis is a programme of materials and training sessions that aims to help teachers explore how ‘global data’ can be used as a rich context for developing statistics and problem solving skills in KS1,2&3 mathematics.

Painting the World by Numbers is a 2-hour training course. It can be booked as a whole school training session or for a cluster of schools.  The course can also be booked as a 1-hour workshop for pupils and teachers, followed by a 1-hour workshop for teachers.

The materials were developed as part of the Global Learning Programme and an associated piece of qualitative research with University College London. The full research paper can be viewed here.

The programme aims to help teachers:

  • uncoverdata sets that describe the diversity of the world in which we live.
  • explore and produce numeracy activities aimed at inspiring pupils to explore statistics and develop an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics.
  • illustrate maths as a highly interconnected discipline that is essential to everyday life.

Download our Painting the World by Numbers flyer here.

Travelling numbers.

Growing, cooking and eating numbers.

Past and present people and population data.

Taller, wider, older and material numbers.

Numbers around and about.